Stomp And Stammer

Graham: The honest man’s blues revivalist has been finger picking his guitar over 16 years. Influenced by early country blues and inspired by the tolls of grunt labor, his only option was to rise.

Enter Vann: “The Elegant Hipster.” Master gap drummer; 100% premium self-taught; beats to a different drum and similar dream.  His role on the drums brings intensity and calm--a likeness to an athlete mastering their sport. All star rookie and veteran eternally.

    Friends over twenty years, the bond has strengthened and the duo’s sound has synchronized.  Graham And Vann, the two man band champs, are able to alienate an entire crowd or act as a subordinate gateway to honesty.  We promise to bring the Alt/folk/rant, post old timey, all original songs that the alt culture and every day music lover desire.
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